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The most comfortable Jerusalem old city walk

Updated: May 12, 2020

Sometimes walking may be difficult, we make it easy.

The Old city can be for some of us a bit difficult to walk. The city is constructed on hills with narrow historical streets full of bazaars and crowds. There are a great number of steps and no alternative accesses to many of the sites, however, our route can be virtually all downhill.

“The old city of Jerusalem has small streets and alleys. Private cars and tour buses are not allowed. The only way to visit the 4 quarters is by foot or by licensed electric golf car.”

If you want to understand the world you have to see his heart beating! Jerusalem has a storied and complex history of more than 4000 years. This relaxing tour will take you through the city's major attractions, beautiful views and historical gems alike. Keep your camera ready for this unforgettable journey.

Highlights of our tour

On Mount Olives we start with an overview on Jerusalem's history and a panoramic view of the holy city (keep your camera ready). Next we venture into the Gethsemane, retracing the steps of Jesus christ following him on the Via Dolorosa passing through diverse pittoresque quarters of the old city. Entering the Holy Sepulcher we search for the rocky hill been called Calvary who has disappeared and you're assigned to find him back. Some relaxing moments are requested after this reflective and spiritual stage and we do that at the souk (market) and local restaurant. Please exercise your bargaining abilities they feel offended if you don't. Ohhh we have an audience with King David waiting for us close to his tomb and the last supper room, with all respect there is no need to bow only when he resurrect.

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