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My family and I just concluded a 3-day private tour with Michel Kahn. And all I can say is that Michel is beyond excellent! What I appreciated most about his guiding is that he would always go the extra mile to make sure that we got the best hotel accommodations, transportation service, and tour experience. He did everything we had on our Israel family trip wishlist and even topped it with some exciting surprises along the way!

Florence T. Ladion fom the Philippines 


It was incredible on so many levels

For our last three days in Israel my mom had hired a tour guide. I don’t know how she found him, but she did a damn good job. I’m not really a people person, so it’s not often that I wholeheartedly recommend someone. However, I can’t say enough positive things about our guide, Michel.

There are great tour guides, and then there are all around great people who are just fun to be around, and he was both. Michel was incredible on so many levels.

Ben Schlappig, homeless but flies first class 


A most memorable experience

We recently returned home to Hawaii from our first visit to Israel. Like you, we were fortunate enough to stumble up Michel the tour guide. He provided us a three day perspective of a host of sites through much of the country. Michel made our trip to Israel a most memorable experience and the country is incredible. Can’t wait to go back.

Mark and Thanh from Hawaii 

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