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  • Is it safe to travel to israel
    Israel is no doubt one of the planet's top must do list destinations for travelers from all over the world. Birthplace of the world's major religions and at the same time, it is also a diverse, vibrant, trendy, and modern country with great night life that would be a top tourist destination even without its ancient biblical roots. And yes even presently Israel is relatively a safe destination. The conflict is been largely magnified by the media. When you compare the crime and terrorist rate of France, Britain and United States versus Israel, you will probably start packing. Remember Moses postponed his visit to the holy land, at the end he never got to see it.
  • Why should I visit Israel
    Because it's the promised land and Israel is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The food, the culture, the history… it’s an amazing place. Even better than my personal objectivity, according to Travelers Digest, Tel Aviv is among the top 10 cities with the world's most beautiful women an good looking men. We're blushing:) Now let's be serious. A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim met one day... It's not the beginning of a joke it's the start of your unforgettable Journey. Where else can can you walk in the footsteps of Abraham, Joshua, KIng David, King Solomon, Jesus an Mohamed the Cradle of Monotheism.
  • Where is israel?
    Israel is located in the Middle East, along the eastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. You pay to visit one country and one continent but since is It lies at the junction of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, youll get 3 for the price of 1. Map of Israel
  • Do I need Travel and/or health insurance?
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  • What kind of Clothing should I prepare?
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  • Are places open on Saturday / Sabbath?
    On Jewish holidays and every week from Friday afternoon to Saturday night there is no public transportation! The alternative to travel around in Israel is by private car, cabs and tour vehicules. Shops tend largely to be close on Shabbat and Holidays. Although some Arab Shops like in Jerusalem or Day/Night shops in Tel Aviv are open on the shabbat.
  • Is the water safe to drink in Israel?
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  • What is the tipping culture in Israel?
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  • What is the general cost of a day tour, and what does it include?"
    you want one day or multiple, as an individual, a family or in a group. As member of the Israel Tour Guide Association (ITGA) my daily rate is based on their recommended price who is 300$ per day for guiding. Extras: Entrance fees, pick and drop off, transportation and restaurants. Therfore I prefere to reach out with an all included package. No suprises, your satisfaction is my next customer! Every private tour can be tailor made and most of my posted tours complet packages. You can arrange your own transportation (rented car for the day, as an example), or I can drive my own 4x4 vehicle (I can take up to 4 passengers) and the additional charge for the vehicle is US $400 per day, all included (mileage, insurance, petrol, toll fees, car parks). If the trip takes us to the most Northern or Southern locations (such as the Southern Negev, the Arava, Eilat, the Golan Heights or the Hermon), there is an additional $200. ​ Note: my transportation enables you to use Wi-Fi (with free Internet connection) and offers power cables to recharge your mobile phone or iPad. ​ ​
  • How is the food in Israel?
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  • What is the currency in Israel and can I use credit cards?
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  • Can I book through you Hotels, Acoomodattions, Pick and Drop off from the airport?"
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  • Do I have to pay a downpayemt for the tour?
    A sum of 20% is required when you book. Payment can be done through paypal, payoneer and credit cards.
  • Suprising Facts about Israel
    - Israel is so small, you can run from west to east in 2 hours and from north to south in 9 days. - If Mozes would meet a modern Israeli he would be able to carry on a conversation. - Every year 1000 letters arrive in Jerusalem adressed to God. - The glue on Israeli stamps is Kosher, Seriously it is. - Israel is the only country on the globe whose number of trees increases on a yearly bases. With all this sun we can't afford to run out of shade:) - Israel is the first country to place a ban on the use of underweight models. One small step for the advertising industry, one huge step for Jewish moms all over the world:) - Israel has 137 official beaches along its 273 km of shoreline. Yep, in Israel, life's a beach:) - Per capita, Israel has the highest number of Academics, Patents, Startup companies and Jewish mothers in the world. There is a possible link between them:) Credits to Israel's Ministry of Tourism - According Travelers Digest Israel in in the top 10 of world's most beautiful women and good looking men. Stop I am blushing:) - A few globally succesful companies that started in Israel, Waze, Fiverr, Soda Stream, Mobileye and Get Taxi. Some of the things invented in Israel, USB stick, Anti Virus, Cell phone technology, Phillcam, Solar energy water heaters, Smart drip and Micro irrigation, Epilady, Unmanned flight technology, Cherry tomatoes and Gesture and Hands free computers and phones,
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