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Jerusalem, Israel old city at the Wester

Tour No.1 - Jerusalem  

All Highlights  $700 Day tour 

A Jew, Christian and a Muslim met one day...

It's not the beginning of a joke it's the start of your'e Journey.



Judea desert outlook, Mount Scopus, 

Mount of Olives view on the dome of the Rock and temple mount

Walk through the garden of Gethsemane

Via Dolorosa, visiting some of the Stations of the Cross, 

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Hill of the Golgotha,

Jaffa Gate

Last supper room 

King David's tomb 

Christian, Jewish, Armenian and Muslim quarters

Byzantine Cardo

Arab Souk (market) 


Tour No.2 - Masada and Dead Sea 

Desert Experience  $800 Day tour 

Our extraordinary journey starts picking you up smiling with our modern camel car on 4 wheel,  fasten your seat-belts.


Drive through the Judean desert

Wadi Kelt breathtaking view on Jericho 

Geopolitical, visit a settlement  

Masada meet King Herod

Dead Sea Experience and Swimming

Ahava Factory (if requested)


Tour No.3 - One day Jerusalem

and Bethlehem Tour

Unique tour of Israel and Palestine $700


Jerusalem The Old City:
Mount of Olives
View on the Dome of the Rock and temple mount
Walk through the Garden of Gethsemane
Via Dolorosa, visiting some of the Stations of the Cross
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Hill of the Golgotha
Christian, Jewish, Armenian and Moslem quarters
Byzantine Cardo
Arab market (souk)
Western/Wailing Wall
Mount Zion
King David's Tomb
Last supper room

From Jerusalem to Bethlehem with a local Palestinian guide 
The Church of the Nativity
Holy Grotto
Manger Square


Tour No.4 - One day Tel Aviv Jaffa tour

 Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps $750  

A full day tour of 4000 thousand year of turbulent history and vivid stories. Did you know that Napoleon resurrected in Jaffa? 



Old port town of Jaffo
Jaffa Flea Market (except on the Shabbat)
Jonah and the Whale
Napoleon in Jaffa
Old Seraya facade
Kedumim Square
Church of Saint Peter
House of Simon the Tanner
Ottoman clock tower
Neve Tzedek
The White City (Tel aviv)
View on the sandy Tel Aviv Beaches

church agony.jpg

Tour No.5 - Christian Heritage Tour

of Jerusalem

 Walk in the footsteps of Abraham, David and Jesus $700  

Jerusalem is so full of spirit that you have to expect the unexpected.


Mount of Olives overview
Gethsemane garden
Church of all nations
Old city of Jerusalem
Jaffa Gate
Via Dolorosa (partially) if requested we can do all stations
Holy Sepulcher (Calvary)
Christian, Armenian, Jewish and Muslim quarters
Western Wall
Mount Zion
Last supper room
King David's tomb


Tour No.6 - Jewish Heritage Tour

of Jerusalem

 Jewish  Jerusalem Tour $700  

An authentic experience to discover your roots and how special they are. 


Old city Jerusalem
Jewish Quarter
Mount Zion
King David's tomb
Knesset view
Yad Vashem (guiding restrictions and closed on Saturday)


Tour No.7 - Sea of Galilee - Nazareth, Tiberias, and Jordan River

 Historical and Christian sites oriented tour $850  

Unique visit of the Town of Jesus, Capernaum, where you can marvel at the religious and historical significance of the spot. 

Mary's Well,
Church of Annunciation
St Josef Church.
Mount of Beatitudes
Yardenit, Jordan River
Tour of Kibbutz Degania


Tour No.8 - From Caesarea to Old Akko, Haifa and Nazareth Exceptional Journey

 Included a taste of the best Hummus in the ME $950  

Was Herod in love with Cleopatra? Were the Templars rich or holy? Bahai's who are they? Why did Jesus leave Nazareth?

Ruines of the Roman theater
The ancient port
Herod's palace
Pontius Pilate name plate

hidden crusaders city
Hospitaliers fortress
The dinning hall
Secret tunnel
A window on Hellenistic Akko

Bahai Gardens
Driven city tour
View on the Mediterranean port

City center
Church of the Annunciation
Grotto of Maria
St. Joseph church
Mikva - ritual Jewish bath
Ruines of ancient Nazareth


Tour No.9 - Incredible Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration in Jerusalem

 Mazal Tov Tour $1800  

What could be more exciting and meaningful than to celebrate the bat or bar mitzvah of your child here in Jerusalem? When everything is taken care you can sing, dance and enjoy the Simcha.

Cortege accompanied by klezmer musicians 

Religious/spriritual ceremony 

Lechaim, reception with cakes and sweets 

Zion Gate
Hezekiah's wall
Jewish Quarter
Western Wall


Tour No.10 - Jerusalem by night

 Jerusalem by night a magic devine scenery $600 

Although Jerusalem is been called the holy city, the night life can be very sinful, Jerusalem is a city that never sleeps.

Old Ottoman station fully rehabilitated open air cultural center

Jewish Ortodox neigborhood 
King Davids Hotel
Montefiore Windmill
Mishkenot Sha'ananim the first neighborhood outside the wall
The Old city
The Western Wall by Night
Night Life Jaffo Street

Combine Tours 

 Pick and drop off  from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and surroundings.

Duration from 5 hours  and up 

Languages English, French and Dutch  

Pickup points Your chosen address from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

Essential Information

Things to bring -Passport (for Betlehem only) Sunscreen, hat, comfortable shoes, camera


Smiling licensed guide, transportation in a modern airconditioned vehicle. 


Entrance fees, meals and tipping

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