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Your Safety is very important us! We will always put health and safety first. With the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become essential to take consistent, careful, and deliberate actions to ensure a safer touring environment for all. 

Our 10 new protective commandements for every tour and encounter.

  1. We do not go on tour if you, or someone with whom we have been in contact, is sick or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (such as cough, fever, shortness of breath). Travelers can take advantage of our Flexible Cancellation Policy if they need to cancel their tour at the last minute.

  2. Unfortunately we have to avoid any physical contact between guide and traveler; no hugs/handshakes for now.

  3. Our vehicles to be sanitized (interiors and door handles) before and after each tour.

  4. Hand sanitizer, spare masks and wipes to be available at all times.

  5. We all wear masks while in enclosed spaces, like vehicles or museums.

  6. O​n our itinerary we schedule regular hand washing breaks.

  7. On  demand we consider keeping the vehicle front passenger seat empty, to ensure physical distance between guide and traveler. 

  8. Our routes and itineraries are planned to avoid crowds and busy periods.

  9. We are aware of and respect local health and safety regulations and advisories.

  10. In generally we are over-cautious, taking precautions seriously, and do not downplay potential risks.

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