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About Me

Shalom, Salaam, Bonjour, Hallo,

I am a professional, humorous and passionate licensed tour guide. Was a Kibbutz member, served in the IDF marines corps and directed for many years professional training programs in cooperation with UNESCO  and Israel's International development Cooperation of Mashav. Particularly touching and fruitful were the dialogue workshops between Israelis and Palestinians.

As licensed tour guide, MA historian and lecturer on Bible history I question and share the complexity of the past and present of this tiny piece of land who was conquered and rebuild too many times.

Became familiar with (almost) every side-street, anecdote, local par-fum and melody. IF MOSES WOULD HAVE HIRED MY SERVICES, THE HEBREWS WOULDN'T CIRCLED AROUND FOR 40 YEARS before getting into the land of Canaan!

Looking forward to meet you. 
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Governmental Licensed 11123

Michel Kahn 

I am fortunate to love my profession and to share my passion through my tours and guiding.

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My purpose is to let you enjoy from this tiny beautiful country  ancient traditions, history, cultures and controversies in a very special, professional and sometimes in a theatrical way.  I design and tailor made travel itinerary's  to maximize your expectations.


 Expert tour designer and guide in Israel

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