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A shinning adventure - This is the only place in Israel where you can polish your own Diamond

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Emile Kohn, a local leading diamond expert will share his passion with you, introduce the magical and miraculous story of Israel's diamond leadership role. The tour includes the diamond museum and can be flexible in order to visit the diamond exchange bourse and opportunities to buy quality diamonds and jewelry direct from the source.

Emile Kohn

My passion is your unforgettable experience

From a young age, I was fascinated by all aspects of this unique gem, from the diamond in the rough to the marketing channels of polished diamonds worldwide. My family history in the diamond business plus my passion and fascination were the deciding factors when I chose to study gemology, and from there I began my career in this field in Belgium. After moving to Israel, I continued my career at the Diamond Bourse in Ramat Gan where Behind the scenes of Israel's diamond Industry was introduced to the world (#diamondsisrael #bourseisrael #shoppingisrael)

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