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Are we going back to normal? New Corona protocols for tour guides vehicles

Updated: May 12, 2020

In Israel the curve is shifting in a very positive way in the last few days. New tourist special accesses and ways are designed to avoid the crowds. We're also partnering with new accommodation and transportation providers with excellent solutions for social distancing.

The Israeli tourist Eshkol/VIP cars association have implemented strict protocols to ensure that every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each ride, with particular attention paid to high contact areas, such as door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, console and seats. Alcohol gel is supplied and we all wear masks with a smile:)

“ New Corona protocols for tour guides vehicles. Israel's Tour-guide association has decreed a special behavioral code that will be implemented by all tourist transportations and tour vehicles in Israel

One airline after another has announced its decision to renew its lines to and from Israel. United Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, British Airways, Wizz Air are just a few to resume flights during May or early June.

• Almost ALL of Israel’s leading hotel chains and independent properties will re-open by the end of June. A few, like #TheCarlton and #TheHilton stayed open the whole time, leading chains such as #theDanHotels, #Isrotel, and #FattalGroup are gradually opening their properties one by one even as early as late May, and others like the #TheNorman, #Mamilla, #theDavidCitadel, #TheInbal, #TheDrisco and many more also join the party. So by early July the 5-star scene will all be back in the game!

• The lock-down is being eased every day now. My kids are getting back to school, most shops and malls are open, open food markets (including our favourite #MachneyudaMarket, gyms, National Parks, and so much more. The streets are once again busy, and who would believe it, but from time to time I’m even happy to be stuck in traffic!

• When I look at the Covid19 figures in the last few days, there is a clear improvement here in every possible parameter. We’re not completely done with it of course, but the number of new confirmed cases has dropped to about 0.4% per day (only a few dozens a day), and the daily number of people healing from the virus is now far exceeding the new cases.

• We are getting inquiries from the first ‘early bird’ clients, planning their trips to Israel!

YES – people do realise that this is actually the best time to start planning their next vacation, and we are so excited to work with you!

We are ready to welcome you with a smile behind the mask:)

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