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Find the treasures of the temple mount

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Perhaps you will be the next Indiana Jones. Dig-for-a-Day is a hands-on experience that combines excavating, sifting, pottery examination, and exploration of an extensive archaeological soil. The program is approximately two hours and is led by professional guides under the auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authorities.

The story of the Temple Mount is the story of Jerusalem itself. A holy site to the three largest monotheistic religions, it is one of the most concentrated archaeological sites in the world.Yet, for political reasons, it has never been archaeologically excavated. Lack of access to the Temple Mount breeds ignorance and misinformation about its history and compounds the controversies surrounding it.

“OMG I found a piece of marble stone with Hebrew letters dated 4000 year ago. The tablets of Mozes Perhaps?”

Thou wilt arise, and have compassion upon Zion; for it is time to be gracious unto her, for the appointed time is come: For your servants have cherished her stones, and have redeemed her dust (Psalms 102: 14-15).(Psalms 102: 14-15).

1999 the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement conducted illegal renovations on the Temple Mount and disposed of over 9,000 tons of dirt mixed with invaluable archaeological artifacts. Though Israeli antiquities law requires a salvage excavation before construction at archaeological sites, this illegal bulldozing destroyed innumerable artifacts: veritable treasures that would have provided a rare glimpse of the region’s rich history. The earth and the artifacts within were dumped as garbage in the nearby Kidron Valley. In a bold move, archaeologists Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Dvira retrieved the matter from the dump, and in 2004, they started sifting it. Their initiative became the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP) with the goal of rescuing ancient artifacts and conducting research to enhance our understanding of the archaeology and history of the Temple Mount. Over the years, it has grown into a project of international significance. With the help of nearly 200,000

Volunteers sifting at our site

volunteers, thousands of valuable finds have been discovered.

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